Terms and Conditions

By completing a hire booking with Friday Candy, you agree to comply with the below Terms and Conditions. In the below text "Friday Candy" refers to Marinkovich Group Limited (the supplier) and "You" refers to the customer.

All Friday Candy customers are required to set up an account before they check out. Name, email, phone number and home address are required. No PO Boxes will be permitted for hiring purposes. You must be 18 to hire from Friday Candy.

On completion of your first hire request, you will receive an email to verify your Identity by submitting a photograph of yourself with your Government issued ID (Drivers License, 18+ Card or Passport).
Your email will be added to our mailing list, but we promise not to spam you! All information registered is stored securely and will not be provided to any third party, with the exception of recovery of monies due to the following:

  • Loss of a Friday Candy Jewellery item, or partial loss of a Friday Candy Jewellery item (ie one earring) resulting in the item being unhireable in the future.
  • Stealing of a Friday Candy Item
  • Unrepairable damage to a Friday Candy Item
  • Late return of a Friday Candy item resulting in late fees payable.

Friday Candy reserves the right to refuse any hire request at any time, if we feel there is potential for there to be fraudulent transactions. Friday Candy reserves the right to request proof of address or further verification information to approve your hire request.
If your request is refused, we will refund the full hire fee.

Full payment of the hire fee is required to secure your booking. This payment can be made through the online store check out.

Shipping of your item is charged at a flat rate of $7.95. Multiple items can be combined into one shipment.
No PO Boxes will be accepted for shipping hire items, and all items require a signature upon delivery. There are no exceptions so please ensure that someone is available to accept your delivery. If there is no one available to sign for your delivery, you may be required to sign for and uplift your package at your local courier depot. Please note that if your this results in your piece not being available for your event no refunds or credits will be offered in this instance.

Your hire fee also includes return shipping and will be delivered to you with a prepaid courier bag. The return must be sent on your last day of your hire four day period, unless otherwise agreed with Friday Candy. Late returns will incur late fees of one days hire per day returned late. 

Return is dated from when the return package is dropped off at your local Post Office and scanned. We recommend you hand over the package at the counter for immediate scanning and a receipt as proof of drop off. Do Not post your return into a post box. If an item is lost or delayed and the customer has no proof of receipt at the post office, the customer is liable for the replacement cost or late penalty incurred for the item. You are responsible for packaging the return in the way it was shipped to prevent damage during transit. If the item is packaged incorrectly and is damaged during transit, you will be liable for repair or replacement costs.

Both delivery and return shipping include tracking.

An item is considered a non return 10 working days after an item was supposed to have been returned. In the unlikely situation of this, or of an item returned 'damaged beyond repair' (resulting in the item being unable to be hired by another person), you will be liable to pay for replacement of the item.
The indemnity value of the item will be based on the RRP price of the piece hired. This replacement fee is over and above any hire fees already paid.
If any item is damaged beyond repair, or requires late fees to be paid, Friday Candy will contact the customer via Telephone or email, and communicate the requirement before providing the customer with an invoice. These fees are required to be paid immediately.

If the fees are not paid upon receipt of the invoice, Friday Candy reserves the right to refer the invoice to a debt collection agency, along with fees to cover the loss of bookings and debt collection fees.

Friday Candy has the right to cancel and refund any sale due to a genuine error. 

Gift cards can not be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

Friday Candy have the following obligations to the customer:

  • To process all orders in a timely manner
  • To ensure the customer receives their hire item in time for the hire period
  • To keep the customers details confidential and not share those details with any third parties, unless for essential operations of Friday Candy business.
  • To make all attempts to contact the customer if the hire item is late or not returned.

The customer has the following obligations to Friday Candy:

  • To take care with the hire item(s) whilst in their possession
  • To ensure that the hire item is not damaged or stolen while in their possession
  • To return the hire item(s) by the agreed date
  • To not pass possession of the hire item to a third party
  • To notify Friday Candy immediately if a hire item is lost or stolen, and to file a police report.
  • To pay any late/penalty fees incurred in a timely manner
  • To advise Friday Candy immediately if their hire item arrives damaged, or does not arrive.